​Birthday Party Guidelines:

1.  Please have all guests arrive 15 minutes early.
2.  Bowling begins at the scheduled time of the party.
3.  Only cake, cupcakes and ice cream may be brought into the
Orleans Bowling Center and only at the time of your event.
4.  Please inform the Orleans Bowling Center if the number of party attendees varies significantly from your scheduled number.
5. Bumpers are available for children ages 12 and under. In    addition, we offer rolling ramps to small or handicapped children.
6.  We will do our best to help supervise your party, parental supervision is a must.  There are several areas in our facility where a child could be hurt.
7.  Payment is due upon completion of the party.  We accept cash, debit or major credit cards.  For your convenience an ATM machine is also available at the canteen. 
8.  Gratuities are accepted but not required.

Frequently Ask Questions


1. Do you have a minimum of children that have to attend? 
We do have a 6 child minimum.

2. What food can I bring in?
You are allowed to bring in the birthday cake only !

3. Can I bring in a Piñata?
Unfortunately, we do not allow Piñatas.

4. Can I bring my own Party Supplies in?
Yes, if you have a special theme, but we also provide all paper goods.

5. Do I get a discount if I bring in my own supplies?
While we welcome parents to bring in their own supplies if they like, no discounts will be applied to the bill if the parent decides not to use the supplies offered by Orleans Bowling

6. How long is the bowling portion?
Bowling lasts for 1 hour. Plus 45 minutes in the private party room

7. How much is it for a lane for an hour  and are shoes included?
A lane for the hour is $46.00, tax and shoes included. Max 6 players per lane.

8. Can we bowl for more than 1 hour and how much would it cost?
Due to the scheduling of our parties and other events, extra time will not be available on the designated lanes for "your" party, but if lanes are available anywhere else in the center after the completion of your party, then you are more than welcome to do so at our regular bowling pricing. 

9. How many children to a lane?
We usually place 6 children to a lane.

10. If I choose the Pizza Party, how many slices does that include?
The pizza party includes 1 slice of pizza,  and a soda for each child.